Who Is Sandra Pittana From Ontario? MAID Death & Obituary

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Sandra Pittana was a London, Ontario resident. MAID’s consenting medical doctors made her death on April 14th, 2022, conceivable.

Sandra Pittana, 67, died on April 14th in London, Ontario.

She died at home, surrounded by her family, in a quiet and respectful manner. MAID’s consenting medical doctors made her death feasible.

Sandra PittanaSandra Pittana

Sandra Pittana

Who Is Sandra Pittana From Ontario?

Sandra Anne Pittana, Sandra Pittana’s full name, was born on September 28, 1954.

Her creativity, sense of flair, and flare blossomed throughout her time in London and Paris. Her abilities were well-known and well-publicized on CITY-TV, where she hosted Cityline as a guest anchor for nearly three decades.

Sandra was a golf enthusiast as well. She was overjoyed to hit three holes-in-one in a month at her Desert Mountain Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she had created the most beautiful home away from home.

All of her friends from there, as well as those from Canada and other countries, will be missed.

Sandra Pittana, MAID, Obituary & Death Notice: Her Illness

Sandra Pittana passed away calmly and dignifiedly at home, surrounded by her family, after 42 years of marriage to Michael Pittana.

MAID’s willing medical doctors made her death possible. However, there is no evidence whether or not she was ill.

Michael, their daughter Daphe, their granddaughters Indigo and Tao, and Sandra’s grandchildren Daphe and Lauryn survive her.

Donations can be sent to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation or the Humber River Hospital Foundation, both of which provided her with exceptional care.

Linda Crossley, one of her sisters and best friends, and her children, Cameron and Chloe, will miss her terribly.

Sandra Pittana: Was Dr. Bradbury, Princess Margaret’s physician, involved?

Sandra’s death was made possible by the MAID medical staff’s willingness to help.

At Princess Margaret, it was Dr. Bradbury, Dr. Krema, and their wonderful team, and at Humber, it was President Barb Collins.

Sandra Pittana: In Canada, what is this MAID?

Medical assistance in dying, or MAID, is the use of drugs by a physician or nurse practitioner to directly induce a person’s death at their request. It’s a delicate and personal matter.

It became legal in Canada in June 2016. Doctors and nurse practitioners who provide MAID or assist in its delivery are now exempt from the Criminal Code of Canada.

The new MAID legislation in Canada went into effect on March 17, 2021. This page offers details about the specific changes made as a result of the new legislation.

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