Who Is Sara Bella Thomas Partey Wife: Bio, Wikipedia And Religion Details – Is She Muslim?

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Arsenal’s Thomas Partey has been linked to Sara Bella, an Iraqi beauty. What percentage of the rumors are true? In this essay, we examine if the claims made about them on the internet are accurate.

Sara Bella has become a social media sensation after sharing a Tiktok video of herself and Thomas Partey hanging around. The two are shown in the video on several occasions, including one inside a car where Sara reaches her hand over Thomas’.

The Iraqi teenager relocated to the United Kingdom to pursue her radiology education. They must have met at a social occasion at the time. Let’s take a look at the relationship and the rumors from the inside.

Sara Bella

Sara Bella

Sara Bella: Who Is She? Wife of Thomas Partey

Sara Bella’s viral Tiktok with Arsenal player Thomas Partey has set the internet into a frenzy, with claims circulating that the duo is now dating, if not married.

Sara Bella is not married to Ghanaian player Thomas Partey, despite her name being associated with him. She is not his wife at this time. However, here are some specifics concerning the beauty.

Sara Bella is an Arab model whose name has recently been linked to Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey. On her Tiktok account, she recently released a video with the Arsenal star. The two can be seen interacting in the footage, even holding hands at one point inside a car.

The Iraqi model relocated to the United Kingdom to further her education. She most likely met the Ghanaian footballer during that period. However, neither she nor the footballer have made their relationship public.

Sara Bella is a Muslim, right? Her Faith Is Examined

The splendor of Tiktok Sara Bella is unmistakably a Muslim. She is an Iraqi diva who is a devout Muslim who is proud of her heritage and religion.

Bella has a lot of Arabi-language videos on her Tiktok and Instagram. Her Instagram account, @sarabella ss, has 47K followers, making her pretty popular.

Sara went to the CAST British University to study. She also graduated from HMT College with a degree. Her social media pages list her as a radiologist in her bio.
Sara poses with her pals.

Sara Bella’s Net worth

The Iraqi beauty’s actual net worth is presently unknown. However, she appears to come from an affluent family based on her social media presence and overall attractiveness.

Sara also appears to have had plastic surgery on her lips. She is highly self-aware of her beauty and has kept a lovely overall physique.

Sara is also a skincare specialist. Her Instagram bio reveals that she is also a skincare therapist, spa technician, and facial specialist who assists in the cleaning, beautification, and maintenance of the skin and face.

The two actresses’ relationship status will undoubtedly be disclosed when the time comes. But, for the time being, they haven’t made any public statements regarding their situation.

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