Who Is Shawn Edwards From Middletown NY? Crime Junkie Looks Back At The Stabbing Of Teen

who is shawn edwards from middletown ny crime junkie looks back at the stabbing of teen

After being battered and stabbed to death, a Middletown High School custodian discovered her son’s body early on Thursday morning.

The police and the family have no idea what happened in the hours between a teenager, Shawn Edwards, leaving the house and his coiled body being discovered in that shadowed entryway.

Mrs. Edwards stated that her child had gone to bed as usual on Wednesday night. He got up later, but no one noticed him leave the house. Shawn had never done that before, she mentioned.

 Shawn Edwards

Shawn Edwards

Shawn Edwards from Middletown New York who?

In the year 1986, a bizarre and unusual murder took place, separating a 14-year-old boy from his parents. Shawn Edwards was a well-liked child who was adored by many for his adorable appearance.

He was an outgoing adolescent who was studying like any other adolescent his age. Even though social media remembers him in bits and bytes now, they haven’t given up hope of discovering his killer. It is only their family who seeks justice, as well as others who knew Shwan as a human being.

Nobody understands why someone would choose to kill a teenager in such a horrible and merciless manner.

The writer has managed to explain the developments of the complete incidents throughout the years in a Facebook post made in the year 2020 on a page called Hudson valley cold case and missing individuals. Netizens who commented on that particular post described him as a joker and a jokester. It’s not impossible to forget the smile of the little one.

Prayers are also being offered for his family. After all these years of searching for the truth, they are still terrified.

Shawn Edwards a teen stabbing victim was killed in a cold case on Crime Junkie

Shawn Edward and his unsolved murder narrative were recently featured on Crime Junkie, a show that sheds light on the most puzzling crime cases in the United States.

Shawn informed his mother that he needed to go see a friend straight away, as was the case. Edwards snuck out when his request for permission was denied.

It was a Tuesday night, Shawn was in seventh grade, and the temperature outside was eleven degrees. Her newborn, as well as the youngest of her five children, escaped. Nobody knew that this was only the beginning of the horrors that his family would have to endure for the rest of their lives.

A Middletown High School janitor discovered Shawn’s body outside the building the next morning, Jan. 16, 1986, about 6 a.m., pummeled and stabbed but with fresh blood.

His assailant could never be found since he was so young

According to Middletown Detective Sgt. Nicholas C. DeRosa, there is now a five-figure reward for information that leads to the arrest of a suspect. He also stated that the state police lab in Albany is reexamining evidence collected at the crime site using DNA technology, which was not available in 1986.

The announcement comes just a few days before Edwards’ 16th death anniversary. Cynthia Edwards still thinks it’s good news, no matter how many years have passed.

Despite the fact that all of the suspects have been named and the case is still ongoing, there appears to be more confusion than a clear conclusion.

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