Who Is Tianis Jones? Florida Woman Twerk At McDonalds Video Viral On Reddit

who is tianis jones florida woman twerk at mcdonalds video viral on reddit

Tianis Jones is a new sensation in the internet world who went viral after creating an unacceptable drama at Mcdonald’s on Friday, May 20, 2022. Stick with us for more details about her rash behaviour and the consequences.

Tianis Jones

Tianis Jones

On Friday, an American woman named Tianis Jones, who lives in Florida, went to a McDonald’s restaurant and immediately began to provoke both customers and employees there. According to the information gathered from the sources, Jones purchased a Happy Meal Chocolate Shake, tea and fries, and a Filet O’ Fish Sandwich when she placed her order for a Happy Meal online.

Jones was told to go through a separate drive-thru by the time she arrived at the location to take her order; nevertheless, she chose to park her car and enter the counter rather than comply with the request. Nevertheless, it was clear that the lady was in error because there were some mistakes on her order list, and she had to drive to the location to pick up the incorrect order.

However, the personnel, persons who were present at the eating place, and the location of the unreasonable mess and crazy that she made that Friday were not informed of the source of her fury.

Florida Woman Tianis Jones Created A Huge Drama Over Late Food Order

Tianis Jones, a pregnant woman from Florida who is 22 years old and has become the center of conversation in recent days after a video of her twerking went viral, is known as Tianis Jones. Jones’s irresponsible behavior not only resulted in a major disaster for her, but it also led to her being arrested on Friday after she had a tantrum at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Be concerned; the young woman was arrested on charges of burglary, abuse of a 911 call, assault, disorderly behavior, and criminal mischief. She also faces charges of criminal mischief. According to reports, she caused a disturbance at the order pickup center of McDonald’s, after which she called 911 and lodged a complaint with the Polk County Police Department about the error that had been made in her placed order.

In addition to this, sources on social media and users of the platform allege that Jones overreacted to his light-hearted topic and even dialed 911 to complain about the workers at the company. On the other hand, the call was eventually implicated in her criminal proceedings as an improper use of the 911 service.

Tianis Jones Twerk At McDonald’s Video Viral On Reddit

Tianis Jones is an American woman who is known for twerking at the employees of McDonald’s after a short session of smashing and eliminating the sense of the place for her mistakenly placed an order; she has now been arrested for burglary and assault. Tianis Jones is charged with both of these offenses.

In addition to this, the video quickly spread throughout all of the media outlets within a second and generated serious discussion all over the world. Jones then turned toward the employees, raised her dress to reveal her stomach, then leaned over and started twerking at them as she made her way out of the building, as can be seen in the video. The investigators remarked that the woman’s behavior was irrational in every way.

People attempted to contact Tianis Jones through various social media names, such as Instagram, after a video she posted went viral on the internet. On the other hand, the official username of the woman from Florida cannot be accessed at this time.

As a result, internet users will have to wait some more time before they can start following her and learning more about Jones until she is comfortable enough to share her personal information publicly on web sources.

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