Who Is Tya Posley? Florida Woman Arrested For Slaps 1-Year-Old Video Goes Viral On Social Media

who is tya posley florida woman arrested for slaps 1 year old video goes viral on social media

Who Is Tya Posley? Florida Woman Arrested For Slaps 1-Year-Old Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Even after making many strict rules against child abuse, the crimes are not making the name stop. Some people are committing many serious crimes against children without any fear but police are strict against such criminals. One such video is currently making rounds that depict the crime against the child and landed the criminal in the prison. Tya Posley has been apprehended by Stanford police after the video surfaced where she can be watched physically abusing her daughter. The internet has been viewing wrath over the lady. Let’s discover out about the lady who filmed herself abusing her own child. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tya Posley Video

Tya Posley Video

Who Is Tya Posley?

A strange video went viral on the web where a lady was watched slapping her own child over a dispute with the father of the baby. The video has been viewed by thousands of people, who are expressing their anger for the action of the lady. There is no famous social media platform where the video has not been watched or people have not commented their thoughts on it. People are watching this particular case with great attention because of its sensitivity, as it is related to child abuse.

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Tya Posley Video Explained

Tya is a lady who hails from Florida and came into the limelight after she was watched abusing her own daughter. In the viral video, she can be watched slapping the kid and stating something about her father. She has been reported to be 23 years old and presently settled in Stanford, Florida according to the media outlet. Her daughter is 1 year old at present, her name has not been disclosed to the public.

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It is not clear whether Tya is wedded or not and what was her relationship with the father of the baby. The father has not spoken to any media yet and has not been recognized yet, though it is likely that he will come to the public soon.

Tya Posley Arrested In Charges Of Child Abuse

After the video was watched by the law enforcement agent, they have taken Tya in to detain them and have been charged them with a charge of cruelty toward child abuse sans great bodily harm. It has been reported that the bond for such a crime is $2,000. She is planned to be presented in court on 7th June. She has been called many things on the web now because of her action.

As the disturbing video went viral, people are worried about the child and her well-being. It has been reported that the child does not have any bruises from the incident and is in good health. She is present with Child Protective Services (CPS).

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