Who Killed AALIYAH GAYLES? Cause Of Death, Shot Dead At Las Vegas House Party Death Video CCTV Footage!

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As per the recent reports the spring very high basketball player Aliyah Gayles Wasim to be conscious on Monday with the following emergency surgery she went through where she was gunshot wounded and it has been sustained in her house party which was in North lass Vegas. She was shorted all most 10 times first in her leg and then on her ankles at the party on Saturday night and she posted it on Twitter now everyone is expecting to make a full recovery. And the sources say a fundraiser has been raised so that they can support her recovery. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Killed Aaliyah Gayles?Who Killed Aaliyah Gayles?

Who Killed Aaliyah Gayles?

She had three surgeries out of waste she underwent a third surgery on Monday talking about her appearance she is 5 foot 9 inches point card and he was at McDonald’s with the American as a senior according to her she is 13.8 points however 4.9 rebounds and 3.5 Steel to the class at the state of the tournament. Being committed to Southern California she is very strong and a great person she is suffering from this uncomfortable situation and still, she is fighting with courage everyone will support her

Aaliyah Gayles Death Reason

And even her parents are very supportive in every manner and they are with her at every step. Everyone is sharing on Twitter so that she can recover fast. This time is very rough for everyone, especially for her everyone is playing for her first recovery currently she needs support and our prayers she has been a warrior and she will find out soon. The kind of basketball community is showing support to her in this horrible situation and they are doing every possible thing for her.

Aaliyah Gayles – Funeral Updates & Obituary

Main basketball players are showing support for Gayles I am doing every possible thing that they can. Forwarding the Dearica Hamby the Ashes all-star also forwarded that the trainer is with Gayles. And they have been on Twitter and they also shared a link for the fundraising team on Monday with the team WNBA teams before the practice at Cox Pavilion. Her teammate Hamby also going to donate fundraiser at Aces star A’ja Wilson. All this mishappening took place but she will not give up and fight and always be a warrior like she was thein earlier state you were h us to get more updates.

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