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WHO warns of more than 700,000 deaths in Europe by March

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that another seven million people could die from covid infections in Europe by March.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that Covid-19 could cause another seven million deaths by March in some countries in Europe and Asia, according to the BBC. By then, the intensive care unit in 49 countries would be “high or overloaded,” according to the WHO.

Similarly, Covid-19 has become a major cause of death in Europe, according to the WHO. “Looking at the current trend, the death toll is expected to reach 2.2 million by next spring,” the WHO said on Tuesday. The daily says that the number of deaths due to covid has doubled in recent days to 4200.

According to the organization, the high number of non-vaccinated people and the prevalence of delta variants in some countries have led to high infection rates in Europe.

Meanwhile, the WHO‘s Europe director, Dr. “We all have a responsibility to prevent unnecessary tragedy and death,” said Hans Kluge, urging people not to be vaccinated. He also said that additional obstacles in society and business should be minimized this winter.

The number of cod infections in Europe has been rising sharply in recent times. A nationwide lockdown has been imposed in Austria for 20 days from Monday. France, Germany, and even Greece are preparing to fully vaccinate their citizens by making booster doses mandatory amid growing infections.

But after the re-imposition of the ban, protests are taking place in many countries.

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