Who Was Angelo Moriondo? Google Doodle celebrates the birthday anniversary of the espresso machine investor

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The Google Doodle honors Angelo Moriondo, the Italian legend who invented the coffee espresso machine, on his 171st birthday.

The Google Doodle artwork is entirely made of coffee and includes a GIF of an espresso machine. Olivia When, a well-known Doodler, made the doodle. The audience adores the Coffee Doodle, which is also being discussed on social media and the internet by netizens.

Angelo Moriondo

Angelo Moriondo

Who Was Angelo Moriondo?

According to sources, Moriondo’s grandfather founded a booze manufacturing enterprise, which Moriondo’s father eventually acquired. Moriondo’s father later founded “Moriondo and Garigilio,” a chocolate company with his siblings and relatives. According to reports, the enterprises were well-known in the area at the time. It was in their genes to run a business. Almost every generation of the family had a business of their own.

Like his father and grandpa, Angelo Moriondo followed on their footsteps. Angelo was the owner of two businesses. Angelo controlled two businesses: the Grand-Hotel Ligure in Piazza Carlo Felice in the city center and the American Bar in Via Roma’s Galleria Nazionale.

Angelo was the brilliant mind behind the invention of the Espresso machine, which revolutionized coffee preparation.

Customers used to have to wait a long time for their coffee before he invented the espresso machine, according to reports. It took a long time, which was inconvenient for both customers and restaurant proprietors. The Espresso machine, which he invented, proved to be the most valuable tool for both him and his consumers. This espresso machine was the most significant advancement in coffee-making history.

Espresso coffee was and continues to be popular among the general people. This was the revolution that the entire world had been waiting for. No one could have imagined that something like the Espresso machine would exist or be invented at the time.

Angelo Moriondo’s brilliant mind was responsible for all of this marvelous creation. As the Google doodle commemorates Angelo Moriondo’s 171st birthday, netizens are keen to learn more about him. Keep up with us for all the newest national and international updates, news, and information.

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