Who Was Anita Dunn? Who killed Anita Dunn and Where is Now? Death Cause & Obituary

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Willana “Anita” Dunn was reported missing from her home in Joplin, Missouri, and local police assumed it was just another missing person investigation. Her body was discovered at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft, however, and the scenario was flipped completely upside down. “Murder In The Heartland: Truth Will Kill” on Inquiry Discovery describes the tragic event and exposes how the police investigation led to the discovery of the perpetrator. We’ve got you covered if you’re interested in this tale and want to know where Anita’s killer is right now.

Anita Dunn

Anita Dunn

What Caused Anita Dunn’s Death?

Anita Dunn was a vibrant and happy woman who resided in the Missouri town of Joplin. Despite the fact that she was a self-sufficient woman who worked at a local bank and was a popular gossip target, her neighbors admired her charity and friendliness.

She also greeted everyone with a grin and was always prepared to provide a helping hand. Anita was a well-known member of her neighborhood, according to the show, and she is still missed today.

Who Was Anita Dunn?

Todd Greathouse, Anita’s landlord, and his wife Linda met with Joplin police on the 30th of May, 2016 to ask about Anita’s disappearance.

It’s worth noting that Todd claimed he didn’t look for Anita until the middle of May.

He even appeared adamant that the incident was tied to a botched heist.

In fact, after police did a thorough investigation of Anita’s home, Todd pointed out a damaged doorway and speculated that the property had been broken into.

Police were not willing to accept Todd’s theory because there was no proof of a forced entry point.

Murder of Anita Dunn

Authorities from law enforcement discovered an abandoned mine pit full of stagnant water after examining the pings on Anita’s cell phone.

Police set up an underwater camera in the hopes of finding her remains, and discovered an unidentified body weighed down by a few stones.

Then divers jumped into action, and the victim’s body was removed from the water in a matter of minutes. An autopsy later revealed that Anita Dunn died as a result of strangulation.

Who was responsible for Anita Dunn’s death?

It’s worth noting that the police discovered Anita’s missing wallet the day before she was reported missing. It has Webb City’s address on it.

Anita had previously rented the Webb City home from Todd and his wife, according to the report.

Todd, on the other hand, did not reveal his relationship with Anita when questioned by authorities.

The police, however, were unsatisfied with Todd’s responses and began searching for the victim’s body in order to prove their case.

Following the discovery of Anita’s body, officials realized she had been strangled and increased their attempts to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Moreover, authorities discovered throughout the inquiry that the tenant, Todd, had been convicted of second-degree murder in 1983 but had been released roughly eight years before to Anita’s death.

Todd was also arrested for possession of a prohibited substance in March of 2016 while on parole in Missouri, and he failed to appear in court only a few days before committing his second offense.

However, only a few days after the murder, officials received a phone call from a local preacher claiming Todd had confessed to the crime.

Investigators looked into the case promptly and learned that Todd confessed to his wife and sister that he murdered Anita.

His sister confessed the crime to her priest, who alerted the authorities. Todd was arrested and charged with murder once there was enough evidence to warrant his arrest.

What Has Happened to Todd Greathouse?

Todd admitted to having adulterous connections with Anita in court, but then killed her when she threatened to confess in front of his wife. Anita’s family members, on the other hand, have rejected any indication of an affair. Todd was convicted guilty of first-degree murder. As a result, Todd was sentenced to life in jail with no prospect of parole in 2017. Todd has attempted to have his sentence overturned since then, but his appeals have been denied. Todd appears to be detained in a Missouri prison, despite the fact that his jail records are unavailable today. There is no opportunity to challenge his release.

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