Who was Austin Retterath and what was his cause of death?

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Who was Austin Retterath and what was his cause of death?: Austin Retterath a teenager is missing. a student of the University of Minnesota, Austen Retterath is missing the university of manifesto filed a missing complaint against their lost student Austin Retterath. his friends said that they had not seen him in a while and searched the university campus but didn’t find his trace making the university faculty lodge a  student missing complaint in the local police station. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Austin Retterath

Austin Retterath

Who was Austin Retterath?

Teenager Austin Retterath is a 19-year-old who attended the University of Minnesota. persuing his degree a student in the faculty of science and engineering was disappeared on Sunday his friends claim that they last see him when he was on east river road and franklin avenue in Minneapolis later that no one has seen or heard anything about him. as soon as the complaint was lodged national criminal police service came to action and sounded the alarm and began searching for the teenager. when he has last seen he was wearing a blue T-shirt, dark shorts and white shoes. the university faculty and his relatives and friends are concerned for his safety but the police accrued them that they will find the boy.

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Austin Retterath Death Cause

the state criminal service asked the sheriff’s office and BCA to assist them in the search campaign. however, the boy’s family has no idea what has happened to their son and how this incident took place police also ask his friends if he has a fight or some feud with anybody on the campus. the police have set a parameter for the search and with all the details they have they will first search the nearby and in the river, details shared by a university faculty.

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How did Austin Retterath die?

on early Monday many agencies along with university faculty were looking for him in Minneapolis near the Mississippi River. some locals claim they had seen a boy near the river early Sunday morning. Austin Rey Retterath lokes to spend time near east river road sometimes said his friend and following to this, an underwater search team is conducting the patrol in the river. this team is led by the sheriff’s office and university officials and BCA is looking for the boy in the nearby woods team assisted by a dog squad so that the boy me found as soon as possible. and local is flashing the boy’s photo on television and social media so that if anybody came to know anything about the boy can assist the patrol fr the boy because the later it will get the danger to the boy’s life is increasing simultaneously.

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