Who Was Benji Norton? Benji Norton Died, Obituary, Cause Of Death

who was benji norton benji norton died obituary cause of death

Benji Norton, a radio personality, died not long ago, which aroused the interest of netizens.
Benji Norton had spent his entire life working with radio and music. He began his career at radio studios in both the United States and Colombia. Soon after, he was able to manage and begin performing songs. There are companies with which the late Norton worked, including WISTV, Alpha Media USA, FOX Radio, and Cumulus Media.
The internet has communicated regret and grief over the late Norton that he has renounced everything behind.

Benji Norton Died, Obituary, Wife

Benji Norton performed as a radio journalist. Regrettably, no other information is available, and according to his Linkedin page, he is the deceased Norton, a 1980 Media Arts graduate of the University of South Carolina.
In 1989, his first job was to fulfill the responsibilities of a Morning Program Director for Fox 102.3. He remained to collaborate with Fox 102.3 on numerous occasions, including his final professional activity. Before his death, he had been employed by Alpha Media USA since 2018 as a Drivetime Personality on Fox 102.3 Columbia’s Classic Rock and professional promoting and advertising and marketing professional.

As Norton’s death impacted other companies, the radio station produced an official obituary recognising their loss. Similarly, several Norton’s admirers and employees have resorted to social media to express their grief.

What Caused Benji Norton’s Radio Death?

Benji Norton, a well-known Colombian radio host, died in 2022, though his family has not confirmed the cause of death.
According to his relatives, he was in good health and didn’t have any major health issues before his death. Furthermore, no foul play appears to have been involved in his death, nor does any expected accident appear to have occurred.

Benji Norton

Benji NortonBenji Norton
The Norton family is probably grieving over his death and has decided to remain silent in the face of the radio star’s untimely death.
However, netizens are curious about Norton’s demise trigger and his final minutes occurring before his final breath.

Tribute to Benji Norton’s Family (Father, Mother)

Benji Norton’s family has survived. He left his wife Barbie and their two young children. Although Mrs. Norton has remained silent, various relatives have paid tribute to the late SC radio personality.
However, the Norton family and friends have received additional closure over Norton’s death and planned burial rites.

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