Who Was Cindy Gambino? And What Was The Cause Of Her Death?

who was cindy gambino and what was the cause of her death

Cindy Gambino, a warrior mom, has died.

Cindy Gambino, a mother of three boys, was a victim. Her sons were tragically killed in a car accident by their father in 2005. She has been fighting for justice her entire life. It was one of the most infamous crimes in Australian history.
Cindy Gambin was depressed after her children were murdered at a dam in Winchelsea in 2005.

She had an anxiety attack and died on Sunday after suffering a clinical incident.

She filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband, Robert Farquharson, who purposefully took the children with him and drove his car into the dam. He saved himself by swimming away, but the boys were unlucky because they could not swim.

“Cindy has been a warrior for justice since losing her three sons, Jai, Tyler and Bailey, in an act of vehicular murder committed by their father, Robert Farquharson on 4 September 2005,”

“Through unfathomable tragedy and suffering came new hope, with Cindy and Stephen going on to have two sons, Hezekiah and Isaiah,” her family stated.

“The family would like to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to all people and organisations who have stood by Cindy and the family throughout the many difficult years they had to endure.
“The family are shattered at Cindy’s untimely passing and request that their privacy be respected, noting the grief Cindy’s husband, Stephen, and sons, together with her stepsons and immediate and extended family are going through.”
Ms Gambino drew global care and concern following Farquharson was found guilty of the heinous triple murder . he was given life imprisonment.

Cindy Gambino Dead

Cindy Gambino DeadCindy Gambino Dead

All whilst, Ms Gambino decided to marry her ‘devoted’ husband, Stephen Moules, whom she had children after the tragedy.

‘Through unfathomable tragedy and suffering, Cindy and Stephen went on to have two sons, Hezekiah and Isaiah,’ the family said in a statement.

Her untimely death has left the shattered family in a state of ‘deep sadness.’

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