Who was Daniel Igunnu and what was his cause of death? Poly Ibadan Student Dies

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Daniel Igunnu

Daniel Igunnu

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Who was Daniel Igunnu?

This story came out of Nigeria, where a civil engineering student died and his partner is in a coma. People are trying to find out more about this news story. People are going to a lot of social media sites to find out more about this news. This article will help the people who use our site and watch our videos. We will tell you everything about this case. Everyone should read this article all the way to the end. To find out more, make sure to scroll down.

A student at Ibadan Polytechnic. We’d love to talk about Ibadan. It is a well-known college in the Nigerian city of Ibadan, which is in the state of Oyo. Poly Ibadan is the same as other Nigerian polytechnics. The institution was set up to offer an alternative to universities for higher education, especially in technical skills. It began in the year 1970.

Daniel Igunnu Death Cause

His name is Daniel Igunnu, and he died while having sex with his lover Aramide. Aramide is now in a coma. Aladoye Adewole, who is in charge of public affairs at the Polytechnic Ibadan, has confirmed that Daniel has died. Alhaji also said that this shocking event was talked about outside of the school.

The investigating team and authorities are putting this case at the top of their list. The police are looking into other possible reasons for his death, like illness, trouble, and so on. A neighbor said that she was scared when she saw Aramide’s body on the floor and that she was barely alive. She was taken to University College Hospital before it was too late (UCH).

Daniel Igunnu: Poly Ibadan Student Dies

Sources say that both of them asked to go home. When they got home, they gave each other drugs and had sexual relations, which led to his death and put his partner into a coma. As soon as this news makes the front page of the newspaper and spreads like wildfire on social media, people take to the streets with signs and start a protest. They probably would have started their test yesterday, but school was closed because of the protest.

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