Who was Donnell Hicks? CVS Employee Died In Shooting – Death Cause and Murder Suspect Explored

who was donnell hicks cvs employee died in shooting death cause and murder suspect

Who was Donnell Hicks? CVS Employee Died In Shooting – Death Cause and Murder Suspect Explored: Recently, news has been seen out that Donnell Hicks died in a shooting. He was a CVS employee who appeared to be working as a store manager at CVS Health in Peachtree City. He works with full dedication and never complaint about his work.  He was an honest man and loves what he was doing.  Before working at the CVS, he was previously in the organization where he was in the position of executive team leader at Target from July 2016 to February 2018. He was assigned to his work. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Donnell Hicks

Donnell Hicks

Who was Donnell Hicks?

Hicks is making the headlines on the internet after his death news surfaced. The shooting incident happened at Peachtree City on Wednesday in which one person was injured and one was killed. The one who was dead in this incident was Donnell Hicks. The incident occurred at 7:40 a.m. when everyone was busy with their work. Suddenly, two guys came, wearing masks and guns in their hands.

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Donnell Hicks CVS Employee Died In Shooting

They have warned everyone in the store that put these bags full otherwise all will be killed. People do what the robbers said. Among a group of people, one was trying to catch the thief but all of his attempts failed and the robbers has to shoot them. Cops revealed that Hicks died in this incident. And they seized the store. Also, they shut down the road for some time to investigate the whole area.

Donnell Hicks Murder Suspect

Cops are interrogating each and everyone who saw the whole incident. They also look out for the cameras or any CCTV footage to get the information about the victims. But as of now, they didn’t get any details of the victims. If someone was reading this article and have any evidence then we gonna provide you a link where you redirect to a site and submit your evidence. Your small help will take this case further. So if you have any details regarding this incident you can inform the police.

Donnell Hicks Death Cause

As you already know, he died in a shooting. And he also got so many injuries that he didn’t get enough time to take him to the hospital and ultimately lost his life. He was 35 years old at the time of his death. His family was alone now. They need someone who takes care of their family.

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