Who was Emily Akuffo and what was her cause of death? Former First Lady has died

Emily Akuffo

Who was Emily Akuffo and what was her cause of death? Former First Lady has died: Everyone got shocked when got the news that, the wife of former first lady Emily Akuffo has been no more now, she has passed away this Friday at the age of 88. She was said to have died on Friday, April 8, 2022. Emily Akuffo was the wife of the former Head of the state, the late Gen, Fredrick William Akuffo. The former head of the state also died. Emily Akuffo was famous as the Ceci Amodraa, everyone called her Ceci Amodraa. It is very shocking news because the wife of former late Head of the State Emily Akuffo died just after a day after the death of the former second lady, Ramatu Aliu Mahama, who was buried on Saturday at Kalpohin in the Northern Region. Follow More Update On

Emily Akuffo

Who was Emily Akuffo?

Everyone knows that Gen Frederick William was the husband of late Emily Akuffo, but he was not only her husband. He worked as the Head of State and Emily Akuffo was his wife. He was executed at the Military shooting Range in Teshie along with other senior military officers on June 26 that same year. Mrs. Emily Akuffo was the first lady of Ghana during that period. When her husband was Head of the State, she was with him but they spent the rest of their life years at Akropong in the Eastern Region. She was a teacher by profession. She taught students during her life’s big-time circle.

Emily Akuffo Death Cause

It is a very big loss for every citizen, who was related to Emily Akuffo. She was a very sported lady who used to support others in their problem. She completed her work as the wife of the Head of state. She was a very wise and supportive wife during her life. She supported her husband in every single difficulty of their life, she was present all the for her husband. She was a very good citizen, friend, and wife too. She was the lady who could not see the pain of people, she did help needful people.

How did Emily Akuffo die?

She took her last breath in presence of her family member. She became old so there was no specific reason for her death, as per her family, she became very weak even not able to stand and sit. She was a lady full of desperation towards her. every time she got huge appreciation from her followers.

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