Who Was Hiroyuki Watanabe? And What Was The Cause Of His Death?

who was hiroyuki watanabe and what was the cause of his death

Japanese actor Hiroyuki Watanabe has passed away at 66

Hiroyuki Watanabe was most recognized for his performance in the American film “Everly.” On May 5, a Japanese actor who acted in various films, dramas, and TV advertisements in Japan died unexpectedly.
According to sources, Watanabe died at his home on May 3 in the afternoon. However, his family did not reveal the cause of death or the circumstances of his funeral, which was supposed to be private.
Who was Hiroyuki Watanabe?
Hiroyuki Watanabe was born in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, on December 9, 1955. Takushoku University’s Faculty of Commerce was where he studied.
He was a talented student who acquired various languages during his undergraduate studies. He learned German while working for Lufthansa, a German airline. Following that, he launched his entertainment career by appearing in a Coca-Cola television commercial in 1980. Following that, he began performing in dramas, including a few tokusatsu programmes. His most recent appearance was as Taiga Saejima in the tokusatsu series GARO. He also had a role in Kamen Rider.

He is from the Ibaraki Prefecture of Mito. He has performed in several significant works, including the film “On the Road.” He starred in Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.’s “Lipovitan D” energy drink advertisements.
He also acted in the films “Daijobu, My Friend” in 1983, “Uindii” (Windy Story) in 1984, “Too Much” in 1987, and “Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah” in 2001, and “Sake-Bomb” in 2013. After enjoying a successful career, He married actress Hideko Hara in 1994.

Hiroyuki Watanabe

Hiroyuki WatanabeHiroyuki Watanabe

What was the cause of Hiroyuki Watanabe’s death?

Any authority did not confirm Watanabe’s death; however, there is speculation that he committed suicide. On May 3, 2022, he was found hanging in his home’s basement. On May 5, his death was revealed by his management agency. The cause of death was conveyed as suicide by hanging from the ceiling.
On May 5, Watanabe’s wife and actress, Hideko Hara, released a declaration on her website, saying, “Hideko Hara is in shock and is unable to respond to queries at this time. However, she will make a statement to you all after she has achieved some serenity.”

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