Who Was Ica Dan Indra Rafanda & Cause Of Death, 14 Years Old Girl Death Video Went Viral & Trending, Berita Icha Meninggal

who was ica dan indra rafanda cause of death 14 years old girl death video went viral trending berita icha meninggal

Recently the internet and social media get shocked after the news that comes on a girl that died due to a heavy overdose of drugs. she is said to be from Indonesia. she is just 14 years old. The video of the girl getting into the trending section and creating the mystery for this incident. dangerous where the age of 14-year-old girl gets the drugs. she consumes their drug and gets overdosed. Was so a lot of videos and a turn of videos every day on the internet and social media platforms from which some the individual get influenced and try to do the same. this Imitating behavior of individuals gets them into trouble. don’t know about the results and they just do whatever they see in the video. so stay tuned to our blog to get every possible information. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Was Ica Dan Indra Rafanda?Who Was Ica Dan Indra Rafanda?

Who Was Ica Dan Indra Rafanda?

According to the information the girl and his friend circle watching videos on the internet where the individuals taking the drugs and alcohol. She got forced by her boyfriend to do the same. we are going to tell you every possible detail about this incident and the death of a 14-year-old girl, The girl age 14 years old And her friends Skim through the internet and social media and watch many drug conception videos of the people. According to our sources, the small girl is forced by her boyfriend to construct drugs. she gets Overdosed and loses her life Because of this act.

Ica Dan Indra Rafanda Death Reason

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But he is the question that everyone wants to know and ask from every authority, how will the small girl get the drug. The DRug is not a small thing which found in every shop. so how the small kids get, this addictive material. The parents also get tested and stressed about what if their kids are also so that kind of videos and try to imitate that. The boyfriend stated his statement and Express his grief and Love on his Facebook handle. he writes in his text that you are a pure soul you are the first kind of person I met, you just left me alone. 

Ica Dan Indra Rafanda Death Video

He also apologizes right I am sorry and I wish you get peace. The police and the department take the case into their hand. Investigation on this case gets started. the department said they doing their best for finding the person from the kids who get the drugs and how these types of things get into their hands. The family of the girl’s latest prongs to her I was full of grief. the parents said they don’t know how our girl got into this type of addictive thing they never know how she get the drug.  in the investigation,

Berita Icha Meninggal
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The police said they were shocked after listening that a minor girl a just age of 14 years getting drugs. and died because of overconsumption. The departments and we don’t lose any of the small strings that connected to this incident and case. we shortly find the person or individual who is behind all this. Be aware of the kind of drug usage video that was on the Internet and social media platforms. have an eye on your children and check the sites on which your son or daughter goes. We pray and wish that the soul of the girl may rest in peace.

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