Who Was John Repetto From Chippewa Falls WI?

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Laurie Peters’ aunt, John Repetto, from Chippewa Falls, WI, is John’s boyfriend.

The search for the murderer has been ongoing since the remains of a young girl, Lily Peters, were recovered. Although a juvenile has been detained in connection with the event, Laurie Peters’ boyfriend has been the subject of various rumors due to the secret identity.

John RepettoJohn Repetto

John Repetto

Who Was John Repetto From Chippewa Falls WI?

Laurie Peters of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, had a lover named John Repetto. His name has been circulated on the internet since he is the putative stepfather of the suspect in Lily’s murder case.

The father appears to have made an unpleasant comment on social media, which has wreaked havoc on the platform. Many people have criticized him, but we don’t know what kind of posts he wrote previously.

He begged the public to stop criticizing his Facebook page for being insensitive in a recent post, but this is not the time for it, implying that the family is still grieving the loss of the little child.

A screenshot of a conversation in which one person claimed that one of his coworkers knew the family also made the rounds on the internet. According to the anonymous user, the suspect’s name is Carson Peters Berger. But it’s unclear whether he’s John’s biological son or his stepson.

Furthermore, many people believe the person who was detained is related to Laurie, Lily’s aunt. Many people believe the accused is linked to her aunt’s family, despite the fact that the police have not revealed details such as age, gender, or name.

The perpetrator was not a stranger to the victim, according to the police. Laurie’s house was also the subject of a search warrant.

Lily Peters Aunty Laurie Peters Boyfriend Facebook

Laurie Peters’ boyfriend’s name, Lily Peters’ aunty, appears on the internet after he allegedly said something nasty. However, as evidenced by his most recent post, it appears that the content he posts on the network is the one that has been deemed inappropriate.

Nonetheless, some internet users believe Lily’s parents should not have sent her to Laurie’s house if there was someone like John there. These are, however, unsubstantiated charges based on guesswork from those who are outraged by the situation.

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