Who was Kerala Actress & Model Shahana and what was her death reason?

who was kerala actress model shahana and what was her death reason

Who was Kerala Actress & Model Shahana and what was her death reason? Age, Husband, Family, and, more!: Do you know who is Sahana? If you don’t know her, then we first tell you who is Sahana. Then we will discuss her death of her. Sahana is a 21 years old Indian actress. She is a from Kozhikode, Kerala. It is very shocking and grieving news for the Sahana family and for her fans, or friends. She has been found dead at her home. The beautiful actress has been found dead on her birthday. Her family is in great mourning. They are not believing in her daughter’s death. As per some sources she took suicide. But according to the actress’s family, she did not attempt suicide but was murdered by someone. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kerala Actress & Model Shahana

Kerala Actress & Model Shahana

Who was Kerala Actress & Model Shahana?

When the police got the information about the actress’s death, they reached the death’s place immediately. Police confiscated the actress’s body and sent it for an autopsy. Whenever the autopsy report did come nothing could be said about the actress’s death. The actress died on the day of her birthday. She was just 21 years old. She worked in many jewelry promotional movies.

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Kerala Actress & Model Shahana Husband

Do you know the Sahana material status? As per the report, she married only a few months ago. Her husband is currently in Qatar. Sahid is the husband of Sahana. The couple buy a house in Kozhikode Bazaar only a few days ago. She celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday, and today she has been found dead. It informed to local police that Sahana was hung from the window of her home at 11 pm yesterday.

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Kerala Actress & Model Shahana Death Reason

As per the actress’s parents, Sahana’s relationship was not good with Sahana so she did not attempt suicide. She had definitely been killed by someone. it could not say anything now about whether her husband is involved in her murder or not. As per the police, the death occurred as a result of frequent arguments between Sahana and Sajid. Whenever the autopsy report did come nothing could be said about the death of the actress.

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How did Kerala Actress & Model Shahana die?

It is very shocking news for the actress’s family, they are claiming that, Sahana did not commit suicide. He has been murdered. Shanan and Sajid have been married for a year and a half. Now actress’s death has been converted into a mystery, now nothing could be said about the actress’s death. The actress has been lost the world at a very young age. She was just 21 years old. now police are investigating the case.

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A piece of news got viral and become the talk of the town when a humble entertainer and a design model were tracked down dead at her home. Yes, we are talking about the popular celebrity of Kerala Shahan, A young model who was focused on her career and wanted to write her name with golden words in the history of acting is dead on her 21st birthday on 12th May 2022, and to get more details about this news please read this article with the same patience. We will let you exact details of this case.

People are in shock and not able to believe that she will not be seen ahead. This incident was held at her home in Kozhikode in Kerala, India. Later that night, at 1 am around, her family who lives in the Kasargod district received a call that Shahan had been found dead on May 13, the police officer and paramedical went to her home but she died on the sport. The police are investigating this case and searching exact culprit. Her family blamed her partner Sajjad that he is the reason for her death. After this statement which had been passed by her family, Sajjad took into custody.

She got married to Sajjad 18 months ago. Her family alleged to Sajjad that he was a prime suspect he always fought with Shahana for money and many times. Many times Shahana told to her mother that he and his sister torturing her for money. He used to get drunk and create a mess with her and bet her many times. Later she suggested to her that she should live in a separate house. From the sources, we got to know Sajjad was angry when Shahana invited her family on her birthday.

She jumped from the window of the bathroom. Police officers sealed that bathroom and apply investigation tape no one is allowed to enter this bathroom. It was a suicide but the police are investigating this case. As soon as we get to know further updates on this news we will let you know.

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