Who Was Kevin Dunbar From Kingston, Ontario? Death Cause – Did He Died Of Natural Causes?

who was kevin dunbar from kingston ontario death cause did he died of natural causes

Kevin Dunbar was a lawyer who practised criminal defence in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. On June 4, 2022, he died peacefully in his sleep. Here are some more details about his professional life.

Dunbar was a well-known lawyer in Kingston who established his own practise, Dunbar Law, in 2019. His death came as a shock to everyone who knew him because he was healthy and wonderful on the day he died.

He died peacefully in his sleep, therefore the official cause of death is now unknown. Find out more about the late attorney.

Kevin Dunbar

Kevin Dunbar

Who Was Kevin Dunbar From Kingston, Ontario?

Kevin Dunbar was a lawyer who died in his sleep on June 4, 2022 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He was also a runner who often organised and participated in races in his neighbourhood.

Dunbar had his own law firm, Dunbar Law, in Kingston, which he used to run. He founded the practise in 2019 and was regarded as one of the greatest attorneys in the area. He was well-liked in society and well-liked by the Kingston residents.

Kevin worked as an attorney at Isbester Law in Napanee, Ontario, before starting his own company. His coworkers and friends thought highly of him.

Kevin Dunbar’s Age And Cause Of Death

On May 26th, Kevin Dunbar was born. His exact age is unknown, however he was in his early to mid-40s, according to reports. Kevin Dunbar’s cause of death has yet to be determined. He died quietly in his sleep, according to reports.

Kevin’s death came as a huge shock to everyone who knew him, as he had just been seen measuring and marking the territory for a race the day before he died.

Robbie Breadner, a Kingston resident and Kevin’s acquaintance, recently posted a photo of Kevin marking the Kingston Memorial Centre for the marathon. Breadner then added a remark to the post reporting his friend Kevin’s death.

Kevin Dunbar’s Wife And Children

Kevin leaves behind a wife and two daughters. Ciara and Maggie were born to him and his wife Liz.

Kevin Dunbar is an Ontario native who grew up in Brockville. He graduated from Brockville High School and went on to the University of Minnesota.

Dunbar subsequently travelled to Kingston to pursue a law degree at Queen’s University, where he finished in 2008. After that, he worked for ten years at the Isbester Law firm in Napanee, Ontario.

The lawyer had practised law in a number of locations across Ontario. He is a member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and the Law Society of Ontario. He served as the President of the Kingston Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Dunbar is also an accomplished runner. He participates in local running events on a regular basis. He is also a triathlete and a cyclist. He is a member of the Kingston Road Runner Association and enjoys running.

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