Who Was Luca Elghanayan? And What Was The Cause Of His Death?

who was luca elghanayan and what was the cause of his death

Luca Elghanayan, a UC Berkeley student, was reported dead following an accident.

Luca Elghanayan was discovered dead. On the spot, the medical team declared him dead.

At roughly 10:20 p.m. Monday, Luca Elghanayan was pronounced dead. He has died of a stroke outside Pimentel Hall.
According to UCPD public relations officer Sabrina Reich, the Berkeley Fire Department and officers from the UCPD rushed to the site.
Elghanayan was brought to a nearby hospital. Later he was declared brain dead, according to Reich. The cause of death is currently being investigated.
As of sources s, no additional information was available concerning his death.
He had been disappeared for some time, and later, he was discovered after he died as a result of a stroke. According to the allegation, Luca Elghanayan was missing since Monday, May 2, 2022, from Bowles Hall on the UC Berkeley campus.

Who was Luca Elghanayan? (Wiki, Age, Biography)

Luca Elghanayan was born in Laguna Beach, California. The little town is well-known for its sandy beaches, great restaurants, and fascinating picturesque art galleries. In California, Luca Elghanayan attended Laguna Beach High School.

Laguna Beach High School is a public high school in Laguna Beach, California. The Laguna Beach Unified School District has a single high school. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges has certified it since its foundation in 1934. He afterward went to UC Berkeley for his higher education.

Luca Elghanayan

Luca ElghanayanLuca Elghanayan

Friends and Family paid tributes to Luca Elghanayan.

There are no personal details available about him, but one of his friends, David Vanderveen, wrote an emotional post for him. Luca Elghanayan was a lovely friend who unexpectedly left the world, having left his family members, relatives, and closest friends heartbroken.

His death was announced in a Facebook post: “There are some days when a new vacuum is created in your life by a wonderful soul who left our planet far too early. Sarah said it better than I, but I’ll simply add that Luca Elghanayan was a remarkable young man for how kind, loving, and generous he was as a soul and how smart and talented he was as a person. His family is among our close Laguna tribe. Parents shouldn’t have to outlive their children.
We are sending Jeff & Suzy, Nicolai, and Bryson all the love, prayers, and positive energy we have from afar right now. Unfortunately, David and I woke up this morning to the crushing news that Luca Elghanayan, the youngest son of our dear friends Suzy and Jeff, had passed away after having a seizure. We’re heartbroken for them and Luca’s brothers Bryson and Nicolai.”

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