Who Was Matthew Reynolds? Sydney Harbour Boat Accident Linked To His Death

who was matthew reynolds sydney harbour boat accident linked to his death

Mathew Reynold, a boat captain, was recently charged with six counts of manslaughter for his role in the Syndey Harbour Boat disaster.

Mathew Reynold

Mathew Reynold
Mathew Reynold

Two men were found guilty in 2010 of causing their friends’ deaths in a boat disaster in Sydney Harbour.

Mathew Ronalds and Percy Small were named as the suspects. The buddies were then sentenced to at least five years in prison. Also targeted were Ashlei Ayres, Alexandre Nikakis, Jessica Holloway, Alexander Rumiz, Stacey Wright, and Elisabeth Holder.

They were said to have killed in the collision with the trawler Jordan.

Who Is Matthew Reynolds? Sydney Harbour Boat Accident Linked To His Death

Mathew Reynold was one of two men found guilty of their friend’s death in a boat accident in Sydney Harbors.

He was a captain of a boat. Before colliding with the trawler, he gave the boat wheel to passenger Percy Small. The group of friends were said to have been at a party in Balmain prior to taking a boat for a joy ride.

Despite its low capacity, the boat had 14 passengers on board, despite the fact that it was only certified to carry eight. Furthermore, the court ruled that Reynold was inebriated when he transferred the keys to Small, who was driving the boat at the time of the incident. Small was reportedly said to have snorted cocaine and smoked 10 or 11 cones of marijuana in the 12 hours leading up to the collision.

As a result, Reynold was charged with six counts of manslaughter, while Small was charged with six counts of risky navigation resulting in death.

Matthew Reynolds Age: How Old Is He?

Mathew Reynolds is 45 years old right now.

His actual age and date of birth are currently unknown. The figure above is based on the fact that he was 33 years old when their acts made headlines in 2010.

Furthermore, no particular information about his height is available on the internet.

Mathew Reynolds Family And Facebook

In the case of Mathew Reynolds, he was born to his parents, Charlie Reynolds and his wife.

His mother’s name has yet to be revealed. There wasn’t a lot of information about his family on the internet at the time. It’s also unknown if he has any brothers or sisters.

His father, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with the court’s ruling. “The jail sentence was unjust,” he said, adding, “He didn’t deserve a day in there.”

He also expressed regret that two boats were involved in the incident, but that no other charges had been filed. Additionally, it was discovered that Reynolds’ girlfriend, Ashlie Ayres, a mother of two, was among those killed.

Furthermore, the captain of the yacht does not appear to be active on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

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