Who was Mike Bossy and what was his cause of death? New York Islanders Dead at 65

who was mike bossy and what was his cause of death new york islanders dead at 65

Who was Mike Bossy and what was his cause of death? New York Islanders Dead at 65: It was a piece of very shocking news for everyone that, one of the great Islander players Mike Bossy has been passed away at the age of 65. Mike Bossy’s scoring touch helped drive the franchise to four straight championships and died after a battle with terminal lung cancer. He has died at just 65. He battles terminal lung cancer but he could not win it. In the end, he loses the battle and says good buy to this world. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mike Bossy

Mike Bossy

Who was Mike Bossy?

Bossy’s diagnosis became public lost in October when he stepped away from his job as an NHL, analyst for the French-language network TVA sports to deal with his health. He did work in NHL for a long time, but he could not continue his job, because of his illness. He tried a lot the overcome lung cancer, meanwhile, he lost the battle. When his health was going down every day, he left his job and spent his last days at home with his family.

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Mike Bossy Death Cause

When news came that the islander died on 15 April 2022 on Friday, nobody was not believing in the news. But the islander’s former colleague Renaud Lavole at TVA with Bossy confirmed the news of Bossy’s passing, everyone has to believe the fact.

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Sometime later when Bossy was facing a physical problem he shared a note on social media he said, The battle I am about to wage will not be easy” Bossy wrote at the time in the French language that, in an open letter, “Know that I will give 100 percent, nothing less, with the objective of meeting you again soon, after a very eventful hockey game, you will never be very far in my thoughts, on the contrary, you will occupy a privileged place and you will be one of my motivations to get better”.

How did Mike Bossy die?

Bossy played entirely 10 years on Long Island, he earned a place as both a franchise great and one of the best goal scorers the sport has ever seen, before retiring with a chronic back injury.

Mike Bossy finished his career with 573 goals, scoring over 50 in nine straight seasons, goals in 50 games from 1980 to 1981.

He named many records during his career, he was one of the best players of his time. He won the hearts of his fans and followers with his unique style of playing. his fans are praying for him and giving tribute to him.

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