Who Was Naira Ashraf? Twitter Video Viral Of The Egyption Student

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People’s minds and hearts have been shaken by the murder of Naira Ashraf. Thousands of people have spoken out against the failure of the police department to keep women safe.

Ashraf was an Egyptian student at Mansoura University who did nothing wrong. She had been working hard to become a successful model because that was what she wanted to do. But a murderer with bad intentions killed her in broad daylight.

Especially, a murderer named Mohammed had been bothering her on social media for a long time. The killer made her marry him more than once. But she wasn’t at all interested in him.

Also, Mohammed used to follow her around all the time and tried to hurt her more than once. On the other hand, she told the police about him, but the police never did anything about it.

Naira Ashraf

Naira Ashraf

Who Was Naira Ashraf? Stabbed To Death For Rejecting Proposal

Naira Ashraf was from Al-Mahalla, which is in the governorate of Gharbiya in the north of Egypt. Mohammed had been bothering her and forcing her to get married for a long time. She said no every time he asked her out, though.

In particular, the scary CCTV footage of her murder has gone viral on Twitter at the moment. Even worse, she blocked him on social media, which made him even more angry.

Mohammed also stopped her in front of Mansoura University and stabbed her several times in the neck and chest. On the other hand, people tried to stop him from attacking, but Naira died during the brutal attack.

Who Are Naira Ashraf’s Parents? Family Details

Naira Ashraf was born in Egypt to two loving Egyptian parents. She was only 21 years old when she was killed. In particular, her family told the police about the murderer a month ago because he had been following her and hurting her.

But the police did nothing to stop him, which led to such a terrible thing happening. But Naira’s parents haven’t told the public who they are yet.

In the days after, thousands of people have reached out to Naira’s family through social media to show their love and support. Several groups have come together to fight for Naira’s justice.

On the other hand, Naira’s parents haven’t said anything about the murder case in public because they are in a lot of pain right now. We are very sorry for her family and the person she loved.

Is The Naira Ashraf Killer Caught- Where Is He?

The person who killed Naira Ashraf was found by the public and held by a police officer soon after the crime. He has been taken into custody by the team of investigators so that they can do more work on the case.

Police say that Mohamed admitted to his crime while he was in their custody. Also, he killed Naira in public, where many witnesses have come to say bad things about him. Also, after killing her, he tried to run away, but people caught him and held him until the police arrived.

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