Who was Randy Rand and what was his cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “’Autograph Founding Bassist” dead

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Who was Randy Rand and what was his cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “’Autograph Founding Bassist” dead: It was said that the rocker Randy Rand has passed away. He was known for his bands and musicians which he played in his time and are still worth to watch it. He and his friend founded the Autograph, stating a message that Although we are beyond devastated, we find some comfort and solace knowing the last couple of years have been some of his happiest as an artist and as a performer. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Randy Rand

Randy Rand

Who was Randy Rand?

Randy was the type of person who was always excited about his future, filled with full of energy and creativity. He was always finding opportunities to grow bigger and bigger. He was filled with full of creativity and always have the energy to do more in his life. Sometimes, he performed so much great that many were surprised about how he can do this thing. Autograph has shared a message on Twitter where it says that

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Randy Rand Death Cause

We are heartbroken when we heard about his sudden passing. It was sad that he was not between us. Although he was our best friend and the best musician. We all respect him and nobody in our band will make fun of him. In fact, we make jokes about each other and we don’t want to hurt other feelings. But after listening to his sudden demise. Our hearts were broken. Many people from the band were sharing their heart condolences to him and many were giving tribute to him.

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How did Randy Rand die?

If somehow we get a chance to meet him then the first thing that we do is a hug. We all hug him and remember back to the old days. We know how tough it was when we first build our band. That’s a tough decision for me and him. Every struggle we go through it and every phase of our life we have faced. There is no moment that happens in our life when we didn’t take a good sleep. We have to compromise our sleep to go to the next level.

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In the end, our thoughts and prayers are always with him and our best wishes and support will go to his family. We all missed him and always remember him. He was such a nice person in the eyes of his family and in public. Hope wherever he goes, may his soul rest in peace.

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