Who Was Raymond Spencer? What Was The Cause Of His Death?

who was raymond spencer what was the cause of his death
who was raymond spencer what was the cause of his death

The gunman Raymond Spencer killed himself after shooting the stranger.

Raymond Spencer, a sniper in an apartment near an elite prep school in the nation’s capital, shot the strangers from a sniper’s nest.
Four people have been injured in the unfortunate tragedy. The injured victims were rushed to the hospital, and a police squad was dispatched to the crime scene.

A 54-year-old man and a woman in her mid-30s with severe wounds and a 12-year-old kid wounded in the arm were rushed to surrounding hospitals by gunfire, Assistant Police Chief Stuart Emerman said during an earlier briefing.
Raymond Spencer, 23, lived in Fairfax, Virginia. After the incident, he uploaded a video of his hideous crime on social media, which caught everyone’s attention.
Police first recognised him from a video on social media that appeared to show gunshots fired from the vantage point of an upper-floor window, with the misspelt label: “Shool shooting!”

The school and nearby houses were put on lockdown, with terrified students texting worried parents as police conducted a door-to-door hunt for the perpetrator.

“Right now, the police have secured the area, and it’s safe, but the fact that a maniac can cause this type of chaos on a regular Friday… The kids were about to get out of school,”

With the support of eyewitness testimonies, police were able to track down the gunman on the fifth level of a “certain apartment building” and “breached the site where the suspect took his own life,” according to Contee.

According to the sources, the man killed himself before authorities could question him. Spencer made many posts on the internet forum 4Chan, one of which was reported to have been made four minutes after the shooting on Friday.
‘Dear God, please forgive me,’ read the note.

Six minutes later, another message was posted:’They’re in the wrong part of the building right now searching XD,’

A final message was posted six minutes later: ‘Waiting for police to watch up with me.’ The Post also reported that a Wikipedia user’s page for Spencer described him as an ‘AR-15 aficionado’.
In the apartment, police discovered more than a half-dozen weaponry, including numerous rifles and enormous ammunition, organised in a “sniper-type setup” with a tripod weapons mount.
“His objective was to murder and harm people of our community,” Contee said, adding that authorities were still trying to figure out what motivated the gunman.
He informed reporters that the four victims were shot at random while “going about their business… on the streets of the District of Columbia.”

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