Who was Tangmo Nida and how did she die?

Tangmo Nida

Who was Tangmo Nida and how did she die? Tangmo, a Thai actress, has died: Tangmo’s death has broken many hearts and devastated her fans and family members, but some are still perplexed about the cause of death, as her mother believes her death is suspicious. Since the news broke, people and her fans have been curious to learn what caused her death and what, according to her mother, is suspicious about this death mystery. Continue reading the page to the end to learn about Tangmo’s cause of death and who confirmed the news of his death.

What was Tangmo Nida’s identity?

According to reports, Tangmo fell into the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, and rescuers discovered a dead body that was declared to be that of Thai actress Tangmo. However, her mother believes that something is suspicious about the investigation. Tangmo’s mother’s name is Panida, and she stated that Tangmo was on the boat with five friends for a meal, one of whom was her manager. And she continued, “Tangmo was dressed differently and it appeared as though she was dressed for a shoot, and I’m curious as to who held the photoshoot on the boat.”

Tangmo Nida’s Cause of Death

Tangmo’s dress, however, was not only suspicious, according to her mother, who told The Bangkok Post that in one image, but Tangmo also appears to be in a somber mood while sitting alone at the back boat. And it was Tangmo’s brother who identified the corpse discovered by rescuers in the Chao Phraya River. The Thai actress‘s disappearance prompted police to launch an investigation.