Who Was The Karanveer Sahota, And What Was The Cause Of His Death?

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who was the karanveer sahota and what was the cause of his death

Karanveer Sahota 16 years old died after being attacked at Edmonton high school

Karanveer Sahota, A 16-year-old ten-grade student in Edmonton, was stabbed outside McNally High School on April 8; he later died from his life-threatening injuries.
The local police confirmed his brutal death. His family is devastated by his murder.
The boy was the victim of a hate crime. His cousins, Monica Binns and Shivleen Sidhu could not understand why anyone would attack the young boy which no history of the enemy, who was living peacefully with his mother and little sister.
“This kind of stuff doesn’t happen to good people like Karan,” Binns said.
When the family received the call from the police about his stabbing, they thought it would be a minor injury that would heal soon in a few days.
“I sometimes still wake up in disbelief that Karan is not physically with us,” she said.
Sidhu remembers when he was a baby and lived across the street from her, and she used to babysit him.
“I remember every day I would be with him, playing with him. I was so excited,” she was a proud big cousin.

When he became more active as he grew older, he was always full of energy and affection. According to Binns, Sahota acquired a liking for cooking to relieve boredom and show creativity.
He loves cooking and would often prepare meals for his family and friends.
“And it’s a unique attribute because it’s just not something you’d generally find in our community,” Binns added.

“He was a good kid. Like, he just was just a jewel of a child,” Binns said.
Normally, teenagers desire expensive cars from their parents; however, Sahota prefers to take the bus to school. He wanted to support his mother, who was a single parent with financial troubles.
“All he wanted to do was alleviate his mom’s burden,” Binns said. “And he just couldn’t wait to grow up and to help her out.”

His family was in the hospital room with him, waiting for a miracle to save them. They instead wept and talked to him while holding his hands. His mother gently caressed his cheek, whispering to him.

“I know he was listening,” Binns cried.

His mother wished him to wake up and talk to her, but he was gone.
“And now we’ll never get the chance to do that,” Sidhu added.
Detectives are investigating the case. According to a statement issued by Edmonton Police Services, numerous young suspects have been identified.
His cousin said, “nothing will ever be enough.”
“Our family is completely destroyed,” “How we begin to heal, I don’t even know because it’s not just one person it’s hundreds of people.”

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