Why Adam Brown Killed Wife Chen Cheung? Arrest And Charges Explored

why adam brown killed wife chen cheung arrest and charges
why adam brown killed wife chen cheung arrest and charges

On April 30, 2022, Adam Brown was arrested for the murder of his wife over a child custody dispute, and he will appear in Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on May 2, 2022.

Adam Brown is a convicted murderer from Melbourne’s Croydon North neighborhood. According to the Herald Sun, on April 30, 2022, in Corydon North, Melbourne’s outer east, Adam Brown savagely attacked his wife’s long-term wife over their dispute.

The investigative team, in particular, has been gathering murder evidence from the crime site, and the murder inquiry is still ongoing at this time. Furthermore, the police have conducted an interview with the locals in order to obtain additional information and clues about the murder case.

Why Did Adam Brown Kill Wife Chen Cheung? Croydon North Murder Motive

Adam Brown allegedly stabbed his wife after a scuffle between him and Cheng Cheung developed into a deadly brawl. According to Adam Brown, he killed his wife accidently in self-defense.

Adam Brown and Cheung, in particular, had a disagreement over child care, which escalated to the point where Adam Brown stabbed Cheung. After hearing them arguing, neighbors raced over to Cheung and began CPR on her, as Adam stood there and dialed 911.

Furthermore, the paramedical crew supplied Cheung with the best medical care possible in order to save her life. The victim, on the other hand, was in critical condition because she died in the middle of a medical examination.

Adam Brown Age: Forty-Year Old Man Face Murder Charges Of His Wife

During their feud, Adam Brown allegedly killed his 35-year-old Cheung out of envy and hatred. He killed his wife in particular when their little son was present at their home.

At this time, Adam Brown is forty years old, although his actual date of birth is still unknown on the internet. The victim’s spouse waited by her until the investigative team arrived, having requested assistance from the paramedical team.

Furthermore, the husband was apprehended following a thorough investigation, and he was charged with the murder of his wife on Saturday, April 30, 2022. At addition, on May 2, 2022, he will appear in Melbourne Magistrate’s Court.

Adam Brown Children And Family: How Old Is Victim’s Son?

Adam Brown had a lovely family with a wife and children, but he murdered his wife and destroyed his family. The victim had a toddler kid, whose specific birth date has not to be revealed at this time. The couple clashed over the topic of baby care, according to the police inquiry.

At this time, the loss of the toddler son’s mother has rendered the neighbor mute and terrified. Furthermore, the couple used to be calm and quiet, according to the neighbor. As a result, neighbors seldom consider such tragic events in their area.

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