Why Did Candy Montgomery Murder Her? Husband Alan Gore Update

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Betty Gore was viciously murdered inside her Dogwood Street home by her neighbour Candy Montgomery on June 13, 1980. The incident will be documented in “Candy,” a true-crime show.

Betty Gore was a kindergarten teacher who was brutally killed by her next-door neighbour Candy Montgomery in 1980. The horrifying tragedy surprised and astounded the public.

Hulu’s upcoming true-crime drama “Candy” will follow the Texas axe murderer and shed insight on the case.

Betty GoreBetty Gore

Betty Gore

Betty Gore Bio & Wiki: Why Did Candy Montgomery Murder Her?

Betty Gore was born in a small Kansas town and moved to Texas with her family when she was a child. Betty was a well-liked girl in school, with a lively and outgoing personality.

She met Allan Gore, who worked as a teaching assistant, in one of her classes. They started dating in 1970 and eventually married. Betty became a high school teacher in Collin County after their first daughter was born.

Betty and Allan lived next door to Candy Montogmery. Both neighbours were close friends who spent a lot of time together. When Betty discovered Candy was having an affair with her husband, things became strained. Betty confronted Candy about their affair, leading to an altercation and the event.

One tragic evening in June 1980, Allan requested his next-door neighbour, Richard Parker, to check on Betty, and Parker discovered her dead with 41 axe wounds. Her head and torso had been mutilated brutally, and a three-foot-long wood-handled axe had been discovered nearby. Candy was captured after the crime scene revealed her footprints and fingerprints.

What Has Happened to Betty Gore’s Husband Alan Gore?

Betty and Alan Gore married in a tiny but wonderful ceremony in January 1970, when they were both in their early twenties. Their age or social standing made little difference to them, owing to the fact that they were not only in love but also didn’t see divorce as an option.

The couple welcomed two beautiful daughters into their life after arriving in Collin County, Texas, but their suburban marriage was not always sunshine and roses. Nonetheless, the couple did their best to keep working on enhancing their connection so that their fee would not be affected by time.

Several sources claim that Allan remarried between the time between Betty’s death and Candy’s trial. His two girls were also given to his late wife’s parents. He quickly drifted away from them, but they look to be in touch again, which is all that matters, according to the now-Facebook divorced’s account.

Furthermore, Allan appears to have retired to Sarasota, Florida, and is happily involved in a “domestic partnership” with someone quite different.

Betty Gore Age At Death

Betty Gore was 30 years old at the time of her murder.

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