Why Did Leigh Sales ABC Leave 7.30 & Who Replaced Her? Where Is She Today?

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After 12 years as a host of ABC’s flagship show, Australian journalist and author Leigh Sales stepped down after the federal election. Who took her place? Continue to read the article.

Leigh Sales is a journalist and author located in Australia. She is also well-known internationally for her work with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 7.30 news and current affairs program.

Sales was also named a Member of the Order of Australia in 2019 for her contributions to broadcast journalism. Furthermore, Sales has a lengthy relationship with ABC. In 1995, Sales also joined ABC in Brisbane.

Since then, she has worked for the ABC in a variety of capacities, including as a political correspondent in New South Wales for the 1999 and 2007 state elections.

However, after 12 years as a host of ABC’s flagship show, Leigh Sales has opted to leave after the federal election. As a result, the reason is that Sales has been in the news for a few days.

Leigh SalesLeigh Sales

Leigh Sales

Why Did Leigh Sales ABC Leave 7.30?

According to The Guardian, after the federal election, Leigh Sales will resign down as host of 7.30. Similarly, after taking over from Kerry O’Brien at ABC’s main news and current affairs show, the journalist served for 12 years.

In addition, Sales has received other accolades, including the dual Walkley Award. She also started her career at the ABC in Brisbane in 1995, will stay with the broadcaster in a new role, and will be in charge of the ABC’s election night television coverage.

Sales has worked for five prime ministers since 2010, anchoring nine federal budgets and covering two federal elections. Similarly, the following poll will be her third.

When it comes to the reason for her departure from the network, she hasn’t spoken much because she appears to have no qualms about leaving. Sales, on the other hand, is grateful and pleased with her experience with ABC, she noted.

As we all know, Sales’ first job was with ABC, so she must be looking forward to being free and spending the rest of her life with her beloved family.

We can’t be confident about our supposition without knowing the truth about the occurrence because the specific information on this topic have yet to be revealed.

Sarah Ferguson To Supersede Leigh Sales as Host of ABC’s 7.30 Program

Sarah Ferguson, an investigative reporter, will take over as host of ABC’s nightly current affairs program, 7.30, in July, replacing Leigh Sales.

Sarah Ferguson is also a well-known Australian journalist and television host. In addition, the journalist is currently employed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Washington (ABC).

Tony Jones, an Australian journalist and ABC London correspondent, asked her to help him with a piece about French politics in 1992. A year later, Ferguson and Jones married.

Ferguson began her career writing art reviews for The Independent newspaper in the United Kingdom. She then relocated to Paris, where she worked as a researcher and production assistant on arts shows for French and British broadcasters.

Current Location of Leigh Sales

Leigh Sales is the host of the news and current affairs show 7.30 on the Australian television station ABC. She is expected to leave the show following the federal election in late June, according to sources.

Sarah Ferguson will take over as host of ABC’s nightly current affairs flagship, 7.30, in July, replacing Leigh Sales.

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