Why Does Judge J Michael Luttig Talk So Slow? What Is Wrong With Him?

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Why does Judge J. Michael Luttig talk so slowly? People want to know about J. Michael Luttig’s illness and stroke because his speech during his testimony got a lot of attention.

J Michael Luttig is an American lawyer. In 1991, president George H.W. Bush put him on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Until 2006, he also worked on the court.

Before joining the court, Luttig worked for a number of Republican presidents in the White House, including George H.W. Bush in the Justice Department and Ronald Reagan as an assistant counsel from 1981 to 1982. Luttig worked as an attorney for Boeing, Coca-Cola, and a private legal firm after he left the Fourth Circuit.

J Michael Luttig

J Michael Luttig

Why Does Judge J Michael Luttig Talk So Slow? Does He Have Speech Disorder?

People on Twitter think that Judge J. Michael Luttig might have a problem with stuttering. Also, in his most recent speech, he sounded fragile, broken, and weak, which made people think he did it on purpose. Even though he knew a lot about the law, many people made fun of one of the most effective ways he communicated.

Palmer Reports has also tweeted about what seems to be Luttig’s speech disorder. They also said that they had seen old tapes where he seemed to stutter or stammer. In fact, J. Michael seems to have a problem with how he speaks. He has had this stuttering problem before, as you can see in his last video. Aside from what he said on Twitter, he hasn’t said anything else about this and hasn’t confirmed anything.

What’s Wrong With Judge J Michael Luttig’s Health? Illness By Stroke

Twitter was flooded with rumors that retired judge Michael Luttig had a stroke that caused his speech discomfort. In fact, this rumor spread like a wildfire after the January 6 trial. Many Twitter users have questioned Luttig’s credibility, wondering if he had a stroke or a panic attack.

Furthermore, there is presently no information about Michael being afflicted by any sort of medical condition on the internet. His latest hospitalization for a stroke or a coronary heart attack has gone unreported on news portals.

Judge J Michael Luttig Wife And Children?

Judge J Michael Luting is a married man and his wife is Elizabeth Ann Luttig. The couple is blessed with two children a daughter named Morgan Luttig and a son named John Luttig.

Moreover, she also served as co-chair of the Breakthrough Ball in 2019, which raised over $2 million. Elizabeth Luttig also serves on the board of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago (IWS), which generates funds for a clinic for the uninsured and underinsured in the neighborhood. Since joining the organization in 2012, she has served as a member at large and treasurer.

After joining the IWS board of directors in 2008, she served as a delegate and oversaw an IWS designer showhouse in 2015. She has volunteered at her children’s old schools, Lake Forest High School and Lake Forest Academy, in a variety of capacities.

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