Why Is Harpz Kaur Leaving BBC Asian Network? BBC Breakfast Presenter Husband And Family

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After five years on the BBC Asian Network, Harpz Kaur is leaving. Find out why she left in the next paragraphs.

Harpz Kaur is a well-known journalist who can be seen on the BBC Asian Network on a regular basis. She’s spoken with celebrities such as Bollywood actress Kajol, Jay Sean, Will Smith, and Gurdas Maan.

In November 2015, Kaur joined the network as a television host. In October 2017, she began working as the radio station’s weekday breakfast host.

She spent almost eight years as a radio jockey on Lifetime FM 107.3 and a year with All-Star FM before joining the BBC.

The long-serving breakfast host has announced her departure from the BBC Asian network. On June 8, 2022, she said her goodbyes to her coworkers.

Harpz Kaur

Harpz Kaur

What is Harpz Kaur’s reason for leaving the BBC Asian Network?

Harpz Kaur is leaving the BBC Asian Network after five years. After a demanding schedule, she may be abandoning the net worth.

The host declares: “I just want to sleep for a long time since I don’t feel like I’ve slept in a long time. But I’m quite sure I’ll be waking up around 4 a.m. for the next few months. My internal clock is messed up.”

Harpz said the work made her feel like she was living in the fast lane. She acknowledged the stress of early mornings and remarked that she didn’t have time to breathe.

The broadcaster, on the other hand, is grateful for her experience at the BBC Asian network. She has taken a step back and savored each and every moment. She also stated that hosting the morning show was a dream come true for her.

Finally, she added that it was like winning the lotto for someone like her, who had worked in community radio for around eight years.

Harpz Kaur Husband

Harpz Kaur is still single and has no marriage. The presenter, on the other hand, has hinted at being in a relationship.

She mentioned on her show that dressing like a partner will likely help you feel less anxious.

Despite this, the former radio host has remained tight-lipped about her personal life.

Harpz Kaur’s Salary And Net Worth As A Presenter

Harpz Kaur’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million USD.

She received a very good wage as a BBC Asian Network presenter. According to Glassdoor, the average BBC Presenter income is £50,656 per year.

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