Why is the problem of infertility seen in women who have been in foreign employment for a long time?

Kathmandu. Sharmila Bagdas, who hails from Nuwakot, flew to Qatar for foreign employment at the age of 20 with the dream of becoming self-reliant. After three years in the queue, she returned home on vacation. The vacation was over, and she returned to Qatar for three years.

After earning some money, she came to Nepal with a plan to get married. She got married and life went well. The couple planned to have children, but the pregnancy did not last for three months. She said that it was normal not to get pregnant for a year.

As the years went by, she realized that her general problem was getting worse. Even at home, the attitude towards him began to change. Desiring to get pregnant, she tried not only medical treatment but also Jharphuk, but could not get pregnant. Frustrated by the lack of money for treatment, she returned to Qatar in November last year.

‘No matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t get pregnant, I ran out of money. Now I will deposit the money and show it to a good hospital so I came back, ‘she says.

Sita Gurung (name change), 33, of Nawalparasi could not complete her education up to secondary level due to poor financial condition of her family. Weak economic conditions forced her to seek foreign employment. In 2064 BS, she became a citizen by increasing her age a little more than her actual age. Carrying the dream of earning money, she flew to the Gulf country of Oman. After working there for three years, she returned to Nepal.

A year after returning home, the money I had earned was running out. She decided to go abroad again because of rising costs. She went to Qatar on a three-year visa. Qatar’s earnings were good. After her visa expired, she returned home and decided not to go abroad. She decided to settle down and get married. But even after five years of marriage, they have not been able to have children. She is rushing to treat this problem.

These are just representative characters. Foreign employment has met the needs of most Nepalis. It has been more than a decade since Nepali women started going for foreign employment legally. According to the Department of Foreign Employment, in the fiscal year 2077/78, 11 thousand 456 people had obtained labor permit for foreign employment. Lately, the number of women in foreign employment has decreased due to the Corona epidemic. Also, the number of women going for foreign employment may have decreased as the government has banned them from going abroad for domestic work since 2072 BS.

The main employment destination of Nepali women is the Gulf countries. Where the lifestyle and climate is very different from Nepal. Due to which various health problems are also seen. One of them is infertility, which can be a problem of lack of fertility. Shweta Singh explains.

Dr. Shweta
Dr. Shweta Singh. File photo

‘Not everyone has the same job in foreign employment. The weather is also different. Climate change can also be a problem, ‘she says. This problem can be caused by working and stress for more than the capacity of the body.

The use of harmful substances in the name of following modernity is also causing reproductive problems. The lion has an understanding. Problems such as smoking and hanging on mobiles or computers till late at night in the trend of becoming modern are also weakening the fertility.

Age may also be a factor in fertility problems in women going for foreign employment. The lion explains. ‘The plan to earn a living and strengthen the economic situation has also increased the trend of women getting married late. This is especially true of women going for foreign employment, ‘she says. But it is not taken into account.

As the quality of eggs in the ovary decreases after the age of 35, it is seen to affect the fertility.

Dr. Singh says, ‘Whatever the reason, the problem has been created. Recently, new technologies have been introduced, some of the alternatives can be used when there is a situation where it is not possible to conceive by natural methods.

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