Why Siddhanth Kapoor Arrested? Shraddha Kapoor Charges and Crime Reports

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Bollywood The police have identified actor Siddhanth Kapoor, brother of Bollywood diva Shraddha Kapoor, as a suspect at a rave party in Bengaluru. According to reports, the Bollywood celebrity was arrested by police officers after a drug test resulted in a positive result. Siddhant Kapoor’s blood test results revealed that he had ingested narcotics.

Siddhanth Kapoor

Siddhanth Kapoor

Why Siddhanth Kapoor Arrested?

According to reports, on Sunday night, a rave party took place at a swanky and opulent hotel on Bengaluru’s MG Road. According to reports, police officers received a tip about the rave party and stormed the location.

According to reports, the party was attended by 35 individuals, with Bollywood actor Siddhant Kapoor among the attendees. Siddhant Kapoor was subjected to a blood test by police following the raid, and he tested positive for drug consumption.

According to additional police records, all 35 visitors at the party were subjected to blood tests. Five of the 35 guests at the rave party, including Bollywood actor Siddhant Kapoor, tested positive for drug consumption, and all five of the positive tested individuals were arrested by police officers. According to police reports, officers recovered seven ‘ecstasy’ pills and a packet of marijuana from the party scene. Siddhant Kapoor, as well as other guests who tested positive for the tests, were arrested under various parts of the law.

Shraddha Kapoor Charges and Crime Reports

Sections 22A, 22B, and 27B of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act were utilized to charge the defendants in this case. The cops could not locate any narcotics on their person, but they did find Ganja and MDMA disposed of nearby, according to reports. The hotel where the rave was held has been served with a notice, and the Bengaluru City Police Department has some specific questions for the department and management of the property. The police department has not divulged the name of the fancy and opulent hotel to the public.

According to recent reports, veteran Bollywood star Shakti Kapoor, father of jailed Bollywood actor Siddhant Kapoor, issued a statement to the media claiming that “it’s inconceivable that his son could ingest drugs.” Shakti Kapoor has denied that his son used narcotics, but the stories paint a different picture, one that is utterly contradictory to Shakti Kapoor’s statements. The case is still being investigated. Keep up with us for all the newest national and international updates, news, and information.

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