Why was Jack Ma Arrested? Charges Explained

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Jack Ma Arrested: Why was Jack Ma Arrested? Charges Explained: One of the biggest billionaires in China started the company Alibaba in Hangzhou, China in 1999 with the motive of delivering the best quality products to their customers. He believes that e-commerce became a big giant in the upcoming years so we need to focus on that market.  Recently, the company has faced a dropdown in shares. The company shares drop down to 9.4% which is a big crash seen in the stock market. Investors are now worried about their money and started selling instead of buying. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jack Ma Arrested

Jack Ma Arrested

Jack Ma Arrested

They put their money in another stock and take back all their money. China state broadcaster reported that police in Hangzhou, Alibaba’s home city have taken compulsory measures against an individual whose last name is Ma on April 25. The broadcaster says Ma had been arrested on charges of using the internet to engage in activities endangering national security.

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Why was Jack Ma Arrested?

When the news came out on the internet that an individual has indulged in some activities. We are looking for him. We searched so many sites to get the information about that person but we didn’t get it. Only we knew that his last name is Ma. When people knew that his last name is Ma. They are thinking about Jack Ma and his company facing a huge loss. This news effect the share market and the Company’s value has broken down nearly about 66 percent and faced a big loss.

Those who invested the money into his company they are facing a loss and trying to take back their money. His company was now in danger and the team was trying to get back the shares price up. They trying everything from their end. Now the company delivers its products worldwide.

An overview of his company?

He started his company on April 4, 1999, in Hangzhou, China. The intention was to deliver quality products to the customers. The company provides consumer to consumer, business to consumer, and business to business. On September 19, 2014, IPO has been launched. The company raised over $25 Billion and this was the largest IPO in world history. Alibaba becomes the second largest company in the world. Every day, the company sells dozens of products and generates millions and millions of dollars. The market which they enter was the perfect choice that they go in. Now there is no competitor.

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