Why Was Tejasvi Surya Arrested? Reason, MP Of BJP All Charges & Allegations Explained!

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As per the reports which are floating on the Internet about BJP Yuva Morcha national president Tejaswi Surya he has been detained along with the other leaders from the police of Rajasthan because they tried to violence and hit Karauli this was a very unlawful act and it was being accompanied by the BJP Rajasthan in which there are more supporters and even the state police also stop them. We can see that Mr. Surya has already treated a picture on Twitter that he was announcing to the people out there to reach. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Tejasvi Surya ArrestedTejasvi Surya Arrested

Tejasvi Surya Arrested

They Try to convince many people and said we will go to Karauli at any cost and we will try to be very peaceful but if the police will stop us we will go to court and be arrested and detained. There are many steps taken by the official police but BJP MP said that the government is taking all their rights which is not appreciated? According to Section 144, this is not a place where we can send derived of constitutional and say go to Karauli and the government is taking their rights so they have to start protecting according to the BJP MP which has been said by the agency of PTI.

Why Was Tejasvi Surya Arrested? Reason

Because the workers and supporters who were accompanying them said that they are ready to fight for the nation. A group of people has been elected and Mr. Surya has been accused where the government is daring them to visit decide the supporters are also trying to jump over from the barricades where they are raising their slogans against the Rajasthan government however a curfew was announced for a week till April somehow a curfew has been announced for a week from April 12 and taking this in law and order situation.

Tejasvi Surya MP Of BJP All Charges & Allegations

This curfew has been imposed on Saturday where stone-pelting was begin at a bike really and they were passing through the Muslim dominated area many slogans raised and mom attack was done by using the stones and 11 people got injured where has 8 war policemen they also try shops and the residence area which was under the curfew for a week. Now really are being taken out including the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal and according to the police they have arrested almost 46 people and taken them to the custody for this violence. Surya is now going to the Iqra Hindi issue for the state government and the troops in Karauli for the BJP delegation reaching the town.

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