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July 9, Kathmandu. Vimala Rai Poudel, a member of the National Assembly of the main opposition party CPN-UML, has objected to the government’s decision to cut the concept of setting up a ‘land bank’ from the next fiscal year’s budget.

MP Poudel said that the previous government led by KP Oli had introduced the concept of setting up a land bank with the concept of providing land for landless farmers to cultivate.

“After shouting for 8/10 years, the concept of Bhumi Bank has just started and started to be implemented, but when it is abandoned and a new concept is put forward, it is feared that we will be suspended again for 8/10 years. How can that be? ‘ She said this while participating in the budget discussion in the National Assembly on Thursday.

MP Poudel demanded the government to continue the concept brought by 8/10 years of hard work. He said that the concept should be taken forward by giving barren land to the farmers who cultivate it as soon as possible.

MP Poudel also accused the government of not wanting to implement the provision of giving land to landless dalits for once.

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