Why was TTF Vasan Arrested? What Happened To Him? Charges Investigated

TTF Vasan


TTF Vasan Arrested: What happened to TTF Vasan? Defendants’ Charges: TTF’s arrest has been widely reported. The majority of you are probably familiar with his name, but those who aren’t may be wondering who he is and why he was detained. TTF Vasan is a well-known social media influencer and Youtuber from India. From Coimbatore, he is a motorcycle rider. He has a 2 million+ subscriber YouTube channel called Twin Throttlers. He generally and almost always tells people about his bike riding adventures. This time, though, he is in the news due to reports of his arrest rather than his new video. TTF Channel Owner Vasan was apprehended by Chennai Police, according to viral reports.

TTF Vasan: What Has Happened?

TTF Vasan, a popular Youtuber, regularly uploads bike-riding, bike-related, and travel-related videos. He and a friend have scheduled a trip to Nepal starting in April, so he went to Chennai to buy something, while his admirers and followers flocked to meet him in droves. There was traffic at the moment since TTF subscribers had parked their bikes and the area was congested.

TTF Prison Time

Vasan, who is planning a bike trip from Coimbatore to Nepal, announced on his YouTube channel that he would be visiting a well-known sports store in Chennai. Vasant then dismounted the two-wheeler just as his admirers awaited his arrival. As fans flocked to see him and snap selfies with him, there was a frenzy of activity. As a result, the area’s public motorists were severely inconvenienced. The cops arrived on the scene and sought to manage the admirers after learning of this.

Why was TTF Vasan Arrested?

But they couldn’t get out no matter how hard they tried, so the smell cops had no choice but to load them into their jeep and drive them somewhere safe. Detention of cops? The news of Vasan’s arrest went viral on social media. Many Youtube channels, it appears, have raised concerns over Vasant’s arrest and current whereabouts. It was noted in this context that the cops did not hold TTF Vasan and instead transported him to another safe location.

When the local police learned of this, they went to the scene to try to contain the throng, but they were unable to do so. Finally, cops rescued him and his companion from the throng and transported them to a secure location. TTF spreads among some of the people. Vasan was detained in this manner, but the officers were able to securely transport him to another location, including their motorcycles, in order to contain the mob.