Why Was YouTuber TTF Vasan Arrested? All Charges & Allegations Explained!

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Our online users are currently discussing very controversial news that recently broke out. Reportedly some media sites are announcing that YouTuber TTF Vasan has been arrested and he was apprehended recently. He was a very well-known YouTuber and content creator in India. Although it does not have a very huge fan base still has a decent amount of followers across social media sites. He has become a public speaker in the past few years and still growing. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Why Was YouTuber TTF Vasan Arrested?

Who Is YouTuber TTF Vasan?

He belongs to Coimbatore. Keep reading this article for more information about his arrest. So he is known for making blogs on his bikes and he is a bike rider. He loves to go on long Journeys on his motorcycle and record the whole epic journey. He has different motorcycles and has almost 2 million subscribers on social media sites. He has traveled to various destinations in the past few years and has made a decent amount of money as well. But recently Chennai reported that he was arrested.

Why Was YouTuber TTF Vasan Arrested?

All the cause of arrest has not been revealed but most probably he was arrested for some traffic rule violation. Many fans are concerned after 5th day came to know about his arrest and they are interrogating him. In the very recent vlogs, he could be seen traveling to Nepal. He has also produced some videos in collaboration with his friends and all of them could be seen in a recording. In the video, he can be seen standing in a traffic jam and suddenly a police officer arrived and take the key to his bike.

YouTuber TTF Vasan All Charges & Allegations

Although he was wearing a helmet and had all the documents. Is one of the most followed accounts on Instagram about bike riding. Later he was transferred into a policy and taken to the nearest police station. The fans are heavily criticizing this incident and they are constantly pressurizing the police to reveal all the facts about the arrest. We will be back with some more informative updates and trending stories from all over the world so check out our website for more information.