Microsoft’s Windows 11 is on its way

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Microsoft is preparing to release its new version of the Windows operating system Windows 11 this week.

Announcing the closure of Windows 10 from 2025.

The new version of Windows will be unveiled at a special event on Thursday, June 24, which Microsoft has called the biggest update to the Windows operating system ever. The publicity event will be viewed live by millions of users around the world through Microsoft’s YouTube channel.

Some of its features have been leaked before the new version of Windows went public. Various high-tech technology websites have published revelations about Windows 11, which makes it almost clear what users will find new in Windows 11.

The leaked version of Windows 11 can even be downloaded from some websites. 

Here are some key changes to Windows 11 from the current Windows 10:

Changes to the Start menu

The computer’s start menu is a hub for all Windows users. Microsoft has made some changes to the Start menu in the new operating system.

The Start menu is moved from the current left corner of the computer screen to the center with the taskbar. But users will also have the option to place the start menu on the left side.

Users will see a list of recently added and most used apps. Users can also see shortcuts for apps pinned to the Start menu. 

Similarly, Microsoft is also bringing startup Jingle for the first time after Windows 7. Also, the startup sound and widgets have been changed.

Icons change

All the icons of Windows 11 have been redesigned which will give a new look to this operating system. Icons are made more colorful. Some changes have been made to the existing Windows logo.

Changes to the maximize button

In Windows 11, users will also get the Windows lock option when they click on the maximize button. Also within the Maximize icon, there will be an option to open and combine different windows side by side on the desktop simultaneously.

Xbox’s new app

Windows 11 will have a new Xbox app that will give users direct access to GamePass and other Xbox social features.

The sharp edge of the screen has been rounded in Windows 11 by changing the existing sharp corners of the Windows screen.

Windows 10 users will also receive free Windows 11 updates.

Microsoft has claimed that Windows 11 will be the biggest update of its operating system so far.

He has not officially commented on the leaked Windows 11. So we have to wait till next Thursday to know from all the official features of Windows 11.

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