With Monsoon in Nepal, Floods & Landslides is inevitable

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The Department of Water and Meteorology has urged all to be vigilant, noting that the risk of floods and landslides is likely to increase this year with the arrival of the monsoon.

Since Friday this year, the monsoon has arrived in Nepal from Province No. 1, Province No. 2, and Bagmati Province since Friday this year is currently active in Lumbini and Gandaki provinces and is spreading across the country. 

The department estimates that with the onset of the monsoon, the flow of water in large and medium rivers will increase significantly, and small rivers and tributaries will be inundated in the Terai and Chure areas.

 In a statement issued on Saturday, the department has urged the general public and all concerned bodies to take necessary precautions during the monsoon season.

According to the Department of Climate Change, Nepal will receive above-average rainfall during the monsoon this year in most parts of the Far West, Karnali, Gandaki and Lumbini provinces and in the central and western hilly and mountainous regions of Province No. 1. 

Similarly, the department has already made public the estimates of average rainfall in the Terai of Lumbini, Gandaki, and Bagmati and the western part of Province No. 2 and less than the average in the Terai of Province No. 1 and eastern districts of Province No.

The Weather Forecast Division of the department continuously monitors the weather conditions and the Flood Forecast Division disseminates information through daily bulletins. 

The department has also been disseminating weather and flood information and bulletins daily through websites and social media. 

The department has informed all including the mass media to keep in touch on the 24-hour telephone no. The department has also been transmitting information through flood SMS to flood-prone areas.