Woman Saves Crayfish And Keeps It As A Pet

woman saves crayfish and keeps it as a pet

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Woman saves crayfish and keeps it as a pet #Woman #saves #crayfish #pet Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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woman saves crayfish and keeps it as a pet

woman saves crayfish and keeps it as a pet

Crayfish (or crawdads or crawfish depending on your locale) are also known as mudbugs and bottom-feeders but to some, they’re still worthy of love and affection. Just ask one Texas woman.

TikTokker Jeni Mejia found a crayfish on the floor at her local H-E-B in Houston, Texas, asked the guy behind the counter if she could have it and he obliged. While most people would have treated the little guy with the same respect they would a roach (or you know, made him into a tasty snack), Mejia saw a precious life and took it home to live in her luxurious fish tank.

“Gave a crawfish a second chance at life,” she titled her TikTok video documenting the rescue that has received over 3.7 million views.

Gave a crawfish a second chance at life ❤️🦞#fyp #crawfish #HEB
After Mejia introduced the crayfish, now known as Crawford, to the rest of her fish in her aquarium, some commenters feared it would make a meal out of them. “Don’t put him with your fish he’ll eat them I put one with my fish 2 and he ate them all,” 4Letas wrote. “I tried this once and he or she killed all my fish lol never again,” Ben Lopez added.

However, after the first six days, the grateful little guy has kept to himself. That’s good for Mejia and the other fish because according to Encyclopedia Britannica a crayfish can live up to 20 years, depending on the breed.

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Here’s the most recent update on Crawford, he seems to be thriving in his new habitat which has to be more stimulating than life in a tank at the Houston H-E-B.

Reply to @nshtx.jr update 🦞 I need name suggestions 🤔💭#fyp #crawfish #TalkingTree

“He has not ate any of my fishes,” Mejia captioned on the video. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Crawford is clearly one lucky mudbug.

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