World Heart Day

World Heart Day 2021 is being celebrated in Nepal today

World Heart Day 2021: World Heart Day is being celebrated in Nepal with various programs today.

This year, the day is being celebrated with the slogan ‘Make up your mind, increase contact, save heart’.

Due to the increasing number of heart patients in Nepal, Heart Day is celebrated with various awareness programs.

Although the World Heart Federation and the World Health Organization have been celebrating the last Sunday of September as World Heart Day since 2000, September 29 has been celebrated as World Heart Day since 2012.

The number of heart patients in developing countries including Nepal is increasing day by day. According to the World Heart Federation, 18.6 million people die of heart disease every year. In developing and underdeveloped countries, the number of deaths from heart disease is more than 80 percent.

The World Health Organization estimates that the number of deaths from heart disease worldwide will reach 25 million annually by 2030. The World Health Organization says heart attacks are the leading cause of death. The organization also estimates that the death toll from heart attacks in developing countries, including Nepal, will reach more than 35 percent.

This is how to protect the heart

Eating, along with physical activity, plays a special role in keeping the body healthy.

Many kinds of diseases are caused by not paying attention to food and not knowing it. Some diseases are inherited from your body but can be controlled by eating.

Doctors say that people are getting sick lately due to busy lifestyles, lack of physical labor, and food. For that, if the body eats the required calories, the problem of many diseases can be reduced.

If you can balance your diet and exercise regularly, you can get rid of many diseases. Food also has a special role in solving heart attacks, sugar, and other problems.

Having greens in the morning-evening meal is very beneficial. Fruits should be eaten at least once a day. The evening meal should consist of two to three dry wheat bread, greens, and seasonal vegetables.

Food should be eaten by 8 pm. You should eat only one spoonful of rice in the morning. Those who do a lot of physical labor should eat more and those who do less should eat less. Don’t go to bed immediately after dinner.

Sleep only after at least two hours. It is also important to increase the amount of water with food. Many problems can be solved by drinking enough water. Being a vegetarian is beneficial for the heart. However, there is no harm in eating fish and meat in a controlled manner.

Fish and poultry increase cholesterol. Fish and meat should be used only in the morning and lunch. It is best not to eat fish in the evening.

Ghee, oil, and other fats should be used as little as possible. Pure mustard oil is best for cooking. It is important to take care of the use of various oils available in the market.

Do not use more than three to five grams of salt daily. Fiber-rich foods include wheat, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. It is even more beneficial to eat nuts as sprouts. Millet, barley, maize, etc. also benefit the heart.

It is better to eat raw garlic in the evening meal. It lowers blood cholesterol, as well as dilutes the blood like aspirin. People with diabetes should not eat sweets.

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