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www minhngoc website: Because the traffic on the Minh Ngoc Lottery website is currently quite high, you must pay close attention to the following

Because the traffic on the Minh Ngoc Lottery website is currently quite high, you must pay close attention to the following issues to ensure that you receive the most reliable information:

  • When a new reward is added, the results are automatically updated without having to refresh the page (F5)
  • Websites and programs that read lottery data from Minh Ngoc automatically Lottery: Results are updated on the system for around 10 seconds before displaying on the screen; to ensure system stability, run a query >= 5 seconds 1 time. We attempted to contact certain units with the highest spirit of sharing, and some units cooperated admirably; but, some websites and applications continue to submit requests at an excessively fast rate, generating system congestion that affects members. The lottery ticket manager did not print the results in a timely manner. When we can’t be reached by email or phone, we’re compelled to limit when there’s a risk of overload.
  • You enter the results into your system by hand (enter content to return sms messages, enter application data, enter lottery results on the web…) There’s a chance you’ll make a typing mistake: Error This can emerge from your data entry and can also arise on the side; although it is changed correctly on the data server, if there is a network connection at the moment, you will not be able to update it in time on the webpage. MinhNgoc always shows or for a given period of time in potential conditions before adapting for your attention, but it is advisable to test with site data using an automated manner or by writing a function.
  • If you’re a lottery dealer, see the instructions for printing tickets containing each agent’s personal information. Printing a ticket for a poll [For LMB] has extra instructions if you wish to build your own ticket for your agent (old guide 2009).
  • Note: After many years of producing lottery results, we are fully aware that accuracy is more important than speed, so pay special attention to lottery ticket agents: When the status is still in the state, print tickets. ” In the South, the lottery is live… ” Please turn on the speaker and keep an eye on the screen; the results are being double-checked, and if there are any issues, the system will sound, appear, and adjust (you must cancel the print job first and then print again!!!). After it has been thoroughly examined and transformed to the “… done” state, the final result will be updated to the save data.

The results of the southern lottery on the website are strictly for informational purposes: Only the Provincial Lottery Supervision Council’s “Minute of Confirmation” is required in all circumstances. The final result for the Lottery Companies to declare and base the decision to pay prizes for winning lottery tickets is signed (after the drawing session has ended for a few minutes).

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