Youth in development activities, in Lockdown

development activities

The youths of Raghuganga Gaunpalika-2 Bhagwati of Myagdi have been spending their leisure time in development activities in Lockdown. 

The youths who have been living in the market for study, profession, and business have returned to the village and are engaged in the construction of irrigation projects. 

Ramesh Bhandari, secretary of the project, said that the youths of Sajhapani used their leisure time to build the Ruise Irrigation Project. “Under normal circumstances, there was a shortage of workers for development and farming,” he said. “The ban has given the youth of the village leisure, so they have been employed in groups to give everyone a chance.” 

By forming three groups of 15/15 people, following the health safety standards and maintaining distance, the canal has been mobilized at the rate of three days each. The problem of job creation, income opportunities as well as bringing workers from outside to the consumer committee has been removed. 

The project is being constructed through the Drinking Water, Water Resources and Irrigation Development Division Office, Myagdi with the labor contribution of Rs. 28 lakh 87 thousand and Rs. The target is to build 445 meters of canal, 400 meters of pipe connection, 7 collection chambers and 1 BPT. 

A 350 meter canal has been constructed in pipe connection, collection chamber, PPT and Kharbhir section. The construction of the project, which has its source in Ruise, was started last fiscal year. Engineer Anjan Khatri of the office said that an intake at the source, a collection chamber at Naulibarah and a 285-meter canal were constructed with the grant of Rs.  

“Irrigation can be done by running water in the canal of the project, which is targeted to be completed in the coming fiscal year,” he said.

Due to the lack of irrigation, there was a problem of having to rely on rain water. Chairman of the Ruise Irrigation Project, Kamal Bhandari, said that the lands that have been disputed due to irrigation inconvenience will be used for regular cultivation. 

Similarly, in Bhagwati’s neighboring ward Piple, about Rs. Irrigation facility has reached more than one thousand ropanis of land of one and a half hundred household farmers after the Piple Irrigation Project constructed at a cost of Rs. 

Mohan Karki, a member of the Consumers’ Committee, said that the project of constructing water collection tanks, canals, and pipelines in the last fiscal year has been completed by constructing a canal. A sum of Rs 2.5 million has been allocated in the current fiscal year for the project which cost Rs 2.1 million last year. 

Member Karki said that a 400-meter canal has been constructed this year. A concrete canal with a height of 30 cm and a width of 30 cm has been constructed. A 285-meter canal was also constructed last year.