YouTuber LargeDawsTV Banned For Life After Dressing Up In Golden State Warriors Gear

youtuber largedawstv banned for life after dressing up in golden state warriors gear

A YouTuber is banned for life because he dressed up as a Golden State Warriors player and tricked his way into the NBA Game 5 field. While the YouTuber has gotten a letter that says he can’t go to any NBA games for the rest of his life. Here’s what happened with the YouTuber that you need to know.

Read on to learn more about YouTubers who are banned for life from posing as Golden State Warriors players and entering the NBA Game 5 field.

Dawson Gurley

Dawson Gurley

YouTuber Dawson Gurley crossed safety at Game 5 of the NBA as participant?

While Game 5 of the NBA Finals happened in San Francisco on Monday of this week. Before the game started, YouTuber Dawson Gurley crossed the safety line into the Game 5 court and pretended to be a Golden State Warriors player. As he was carrying that player’s jersey.

While he did pretend to be the player for 10 minutes, he was not. He was able to get through security because no one could tell he was a fake. Meanwhile, it looks like his joke of pretending to be one of the players has gone horribly wrong.

YouTuber Dawson shared his lifetime ban on Twitter?

While on Tuesday, Dawson wrote on Twitter that he had gotten a letter telling him he could never again go to Golden State Warriors home games. Dawson also said in his tweet that he passed the five layers of security tests because the guards didn’t stop him from coming into the world. But now, the Golden State Warriors have told him he can’t go to any of their home games.

In fact, when Dawson walked onto the court for the game, he posed with a move made by another player, Klay Thompson. Then, the ban on Dawson was lifted. While he has been asking everyone if the decision to ban him is honest or not. It is hard to forget what Dawson said.

YouTuber Dawson’s response to lifetime ban on him?

Dawson, a YouTuber, posted the letter telling him he was banned for life on Twitter. He was trying to find out from other people if the choice was the right one. But he did say that it wasn’t his fault that they were bad, but rather the fault of safety.

Also, in his tweet, he said that the game tickets cost him about $10,000. But that didn’t change the fact that he was banned for life. Still, he was banned. He has a chance to get it taken away if he writes about it and gives a strong and clear reason for why he did it.

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